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When it comes to plumbing, homeowners often finding themselves in scenarios they could often avoid if they knew what not to do when it comes to flushing your toilet or putting items down your sink, no matter how small they are. Most of the time a plumber is needed for a pipe blockage or buildup. Now although this can be from one large item, it is normally caused from a gradual buildup of many different items.

With kitchen sinks it is important to remember never put food down the sink, as no matter the kind of food, it can cause a blockage and create a flooded sink. If you are unsure if your pipes have an issue or your sink is blocked call a certified plumber right away. One of the main causes of kitchen pipe blockages when it comes to food is hot oil. Hot oil, although in liquid form, quickly turns cold as it goes down the sink and becomes a solid. This can build up in your pipes and make it increasingly difficult for water to pass through. Often times, the blockage can be cleared and the drain can be maintained.

In the event a pipe is needing a replacement, it is important to get all the facts and speak with the professionals before moving forward. A pipe replacement can be costly and more importantly lead to bigger issues if not solved correctly. For these issues you can call a plumber in Toronto. We make sure that the plumbing for your renovation job gets done properly, by using a professional plumber to oversee the project.

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When it comes to your water pipes, another key concern of home owners is leaky pipes or faucets. If you are wondering why your water bill is so high every month it may be due to a few leaky pipes or faucets that do not seal completely when closed. This can create a drip effect, and although it may seem minimal, over the course of many weeks, it can add up.

To avoid this, it is vital to make sure your pipe seals are fitted correctly and your sinks in general are working properly. Once everything has been properly installed and fixed, you should see the change reflected financially in your hydro bill. From time to time, one can experience a running toilet. This is more common in older homes with pipes that may need to be maintained. A running toilet is a toilet that will continuously run and fill with water, even if it is not being used. This is because there is a compartment in the toilet that needs to be fixed. Although the issue is a small one, a running toilet can greatly affect your water bill financially and it is important to take care of right away.

These are just a few of the plumbing issues that can happen when plumbing isn’t done properly. When working with BREP on any home renovation, including bathrooms, kitchens or otherwise, we will make sure your plumbing is done correctly and installed properly. For all your plumbing questions and concerns for your renovation, the trained professionals at BREP are here to assist you. If you are in the GTA or surrounding areas, give us a call today and let us make sure the plumbing for your renovation is done right.

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