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    When it comes to your bathroom renovation or remodeling in Oakville there are a few different avenues you can take as a homeowner. First off, if you are happy with your appliances and not looking to make a major change to your bathroom space, you could be interested in repainting your walls or changing the material to something more efficient and safer, such as acrylic. Small changes like new faucets or a larger mirror can make a huge difference if done right.

    If you are interested in major changes to your bathroom there are endless possibilities. One of the more affordable yet impactful additions or changes an Oakville homeowner can make is a shower to tub conversion or adding a bidet or additional sink to their bathroom. Some other ideas when it comes to bathroom renovation are:

    • Updating sink fixtures
    • New tiling
    • Energy efficient lights
    • New vanities

    Many homeowners focus on efficiency when it comes to choosing their new bathroom appliances. If your hydro bill seems more expensive than usual it is possible you have leaks or issues with your bathroom plumbing. It is important to speak with a professional regarding this and make sure everything is functioning properly. Always obtain all the information necessary when it comes to all the bathroom renovations Oakville professionals have to offer.

    One of the main causes of extra cost due to water, especially on older properties, is a running toilet. A running toilet will continuously empty and refill as if it is being flushed, and if it is not dealt with, this water can cost the homeowner a substantial amount over time. Another common yet overlooked issue is a leaky faucet. Yes, a leaky faucet may not seem like a big deal, but over time, and especially if there is more than one, it can affect your hydro bill and have you paying more and more every month. Lastly, it is so important to look at the external faucets in your home such as your outdoor hose faucet. These faucets can leak and go unnoticed for entire seasons and the homeowner may not even notice because over time the amount paid monthly just seems like the normal amount the homeowner may be used to.

    While you are outside the home checking your faucets, you can also ensure your hydro and energy bill is not being overcharged due to unwanted leaks by also checking your actual energy metre. A functioning energy metre is important to making sure you aren’t paying too much, and if you are unsure if your metre is up to date call your energy company right away and find out if you are paying too much or everything is up to date.

    An energy efficient bathroom in Oakville

    In the last few years energy efficiency has played a major role in home and bathroom renovation. Make sure to look into all your options when it comes to energy efficiency. One place can be your light or light fixtures. The type of light bulb you install will have a big impact over time on your energy bill. Make sure to not only buy the energy efficient lightbulbs, but also only use the lights when need be. Another option is water-efficient shower heads. These shower heads can create large amounts of pressure from smaller amounts of water, thus giving you the comfort you need in the shower while not using a large amount of water. When it comes to your washroom upgrades or renovation materials, always make sure to pick what looks beautiful but also functions well and is regulated from a safety perspective. Always keep this in mind when planning your remodeling, especially if there is a toddler or senior that plans on using the space. Here are some ways to keep your bathroom safe:

    • Keep floors dry
    • Use mats in shower and on floors
    • All hazardous cleaning materials kept out of reach
    • Grab bars in the shower
    • Walk-in door installed for tubs and jacuzzies

    There are many reasons to renovate your bathroom, and most of the time it is because you want to beautify the space, although in some cases you may want to install energy efficient utilities in order to save money on hydro and energy. Regardless whether the job is big or small, here at BREP we understand everything needs to be taken seriously. Any renovation can be done in a timely fashion if planned correctly. When planning your bathroom remodeling it is very important to work with a company that will order and deliver the requested items and merchandise on time and without delay. This ensures the homeowner does not pay extra before the job even begins. Before renovations begin a timeline will be set and the deadline should be kept. These are the small benefits of working with the trained professionals at BREP.

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    Bathroom Renovation Ideas

    There are so many great ideas when it comes to designing and renovating your bathroom, and speaking with a trained professional is the first step to success. Cabinets are a great way to keep items organized and safe. This is especially important if you keep prescription drugs in the bathroom, as shelving or cupboards can help not only keep things looking how you want it, but certain items safe and out of reach of children. Another great way to keep things organized and safe is proper shelving. With proper shelving, your items are within reach and easy to find. Cabinets and shelving can come in a large variety of shapes, sizes and colors. Be sure to do your research before choosing what you think is best for your new bathroom.

    There are plenty more options to choose from in order to update your washroom. Extra sinks and bidets are just one way to create not only a beautiful and inviting space but also add overall value to your home. This works in a very simple way. When you choose to upgrade and renovate the property you own, you immediately add value to the home. This can also positively affect a potential mortgage or loan if you ever need to look into that. Although this is not always the main focus of bathroom renovation it is an absolute bonus when it comes to updating your space.

    Besides your toilet and sink, the shower is a space you will use quite often. Whether you are interested in updating your existing tub or shower or adding a jacuzzi, speaking with a trained professional in the area of Oakville is your first step to ensuring things are done right and suit exactly what you envisioned when you begin your renovation project. A walk-in tub is a great addition, especially if your focus is to create a safe space, whether it be for yourself or your children. When it comes to larger bathroom renovations, a homeowner may have the option to tear down a wall and create a larger bathroom area. This is a great idea if done right, as the homeowner must speak with a professional electrician and plumber to ensure safety regulations and zoning laws.

    Once this process is complete, the rest of the project can move forward. The steps are simple and easy. Firstly, the client and company will assess the proposed bathroom space, discussing design and efficiency options when it comes to everything from color scheme to vanity and fixture choices. Once everything has been decided upon you will create a timeline agreed upon with the company and the materials will be ordered. It is of utmost importance to work with a company that understands your timeline. When the work goes over the deadline it may cost the homeowner more money and more importantly, the aggravation of renovations being done in your home for more than the agreed upon time.

    Another idea for safety and an updated look is to work with a material known as acrylic. With acrylic you can create a cleaner look for your bathroom and more importantly you can have a safe environment when it comes to mold and fungus on your walls. This is because acrylic is easier to clean and lasts longer. Mold can absolutely be a problem in most bathrooms, and can grow in places a homeowner may not check too often. It is important to keep your bathroom clean and free of grime or any molds. With a material like acrylic, you can clean it easier and quicker, allowing you to make sure nothing builds up over time and causes damage not only to you but to your home as well. Most homeowners believe mold is an issue because it can affect your health. While this is true, it can also affect the actual walls and paint of the space it grows in, which can be expensive to re-do if the mold has grown to a large amount.

    All in all, there are so many options to think about when it comes to your bathroom remodeling, but the most important aspects are making sure you create a beautiful oasis for your bathroom space that not only looks fantastic but also functions extremely efficiently and without a compromise to safety. Once you have decided on the items, vanity and appliances you will go with, choosing a company that will order, deliver and install without delay is the final step to a great bathroom renovation. If you are living in or near Oakville, call us today to get started.

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