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When it comes to renovating your bathroom, there are many avenues you can explore as a homeowner. The bathroom is a space that is used more than others, and it should look good and always have a clean feel to it, especially if you are thinking about renovating a main floor bathroom that is accessible to guests or visitors. A bathroom can be a simple space, consisting of a sink, shower and toilet, or it can include much more luxurious accessories such as a jacuzzi or bidet. How you maximize your space is up to you, and the first step to success is speaking with a trained professional at BREP.

A great idea to think about when it comes to your bathroom is repainting it. This is a sound idea due to the fact it can completely change the ambiance of the space and it is not very costly. If your bathroom is lacking when it comes to natural light, you may be interested in choosing from a brighter color palette to give the space a bright feel. Perhaps you are looking into tiling your washroom space. When it comes to tiles there are many different choices to make. Depending on size and quality, cost can vary, but overall tiling your bathroom can create a new look and updated feel to an old area, also creating more value for your home, and the area of Mississauga as a whole, in the long run.  

If you are looking to create more space for your sink or toiletry items, shelving or cupboards can be a smart choice. A bathroom cupboard installation can change the way a bathroom looks and give you a cleaner countertop with more cupboard space for your items. As well, if you’re interested in seeing your items out in the open, shelving might be the answer for you. There are many different choices to what you can decide on with countertops, cupboard or shelving material. It is important to stay uniform with your choices, so everything looks pleasing to the eye, aesthetically. If you are deciding on what is best when it comes to your bathroom renovation it is important to study the benefits of the situation, some of which include:

  • Updated look
  • Additional value to your property
  • One of the easier home spaces to remodel

Firstly, the updated look can give the space a new and improved feel, but more importantly, when you renovate your bathroom properly you will add value to your home, and since the bathroom is one of the smaller or easier spaces to renovated, as opposed to a bedroom or kitchen, you can complete the job in a timely fashion. These 3 points above are some of the main reasons Canadian homeowners choose to start with bathroom renovation when it comes to improving their existing property. BREP is happy to assist you when it comes to your questions and concerns regarding bathroom renovation. Always obtain all the information necessary when it comes to all the bathroom renovations Mississauga professionals have to offer.

When to choose for a bathroom renovation

One of the biggest reasons home renovations include the bathroom space is simply because this space uses a lot of water and energy overall. The proper items can not only help your space look better, but also help your bathroom space function at a financially more efficient rate.

When looking out for something that may be causing your water or electric bill to be higher than normal it is important to keep your eye out for a few things. One of the more common problems is a running toilet. A running toilet is a toilet that thinks it is empty so it continues to refill, causing the water in your tank to constantly empty. This can cost you quite a bit over time and leave an unwanted dent in your monthly hydro bill. A quick fix can help solve the issue and it is important to look into these things if you are unsure if your bathroom is functioning properly and efficiently.

Another issue is a leaky faucet. A leaky faucet can drip and cause damage, as well as create a visually unappealing look to your sink. As mentioned prior, a leaky faucet can also waste water and cause you to pay more every month on your hydro bill. Solving these issues can be minimal and not time consuming, and in turn save your plenty of money down the line you can use for other home improvements or however you deem fit.

Bathroom renovations process

One of the biggest issues when renovating your bathroom is coming across unwanted issues that the company you work with may advise you fix immediately. This is why it is so important to work with trained professionals in Mississauga who understand your timeline and budget. A proper team should make sure they cover all the avenues financially so nothing surprises the homeowner and takes you not only over budget, but also over your proposed deadline. Here at BREP we pride ourselves in making sure we take the assessment part of the project very seriously. By having a trained a knowledgeable technician take a long thorough look at your bathroom space and proposed renovation ideas is vital to making sure your dreams can become a reality and not just a costly and endless nightmare that may never end.

The main reason you want this stage in the process done well is simply to make sure your budget stays the same and you do not spend money on something you were unaware of. One of the most typical questions our potential clients ask us upon meeting is what is the average cost of a bathroom renovation. As previously mentioned, there are many different options when it comes to bathroom renovation and it all depends on your main outlook and goals for your space. If you are looking to completely tear your old space down, and include new shower and faucets, it may be a bigger job than you think. If you are simply trying to update the space and make it better, it may be better suited for you to purchase add-on items that can make the space function better and creates a safer environment, in the event the bathroom is mainly used by seniors or children.

Ideas such as walk-in tubs, shower steps or certain materials that grip easier than others are just a few things you can discuss with a BREP professional when it comes to renovating your bathroom. Not everyone is trying to simply make their space look better. The bathroom can be a place of danger for the elderly or for children if it is not properly made and have the correct materials necessary to keep your bathroom not only looking good, but a safe space for all.

Doing your own remodeling can come with benefits and also produce results at a cheaper rate. Although if you are not 100% certain in your work and you know your way around pipes and plumbing, doing your own bathroom space can result in catastrophic results and an endless bill of money for repairs and then the actual renovation, if you are still interested in doing it after everything. Even if you choose to go at it alone, it is important to speak with someone who has done it before, and more importantly have an electrician or plumber come make sure the space is safe for renovation, so your plans can be completed without a problem. Having a professional come assess your space prior to going t it yourself is a step that is strongly considered by many DIY home owners, and be the difference between days and months and a few dollars and thousands.

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Bathroom Renovation Costs

When it comes to cost there are a few different options to discuss when it comes to your bathroom space. Most importantly, it is vital for the home owner to differentiate between a renovation and an improvement. Over the years, companies in Mississauga have created and implemented bathroom add-ons such as a new shower installation or a technologically functioning toilet. These add on items can still be costly, but create an improvement to the area without having to do a real tear-down and renovation. If this is the avenue the home owner wants to take, there are many options including new shower heads, low maintenance acrylic wall covers and sink and vanity options that come in a range of colors and sizes. These additions, although minor, can improve the space and still add value to the property as a whole, although the home would absolutely benefit more from a full renovation.

Cost will vary, so it is important to make sure you look into every company that does bathroom renovations in Mississauga. There are also various companies that do home renovations in Mississauga, but may not advertise the washroom remodeling aspects of their company. Always make sure to research every bathroom renovations Mississauga company thoroughly before choosing your contractor. When discussing a full renovation, one is usually trying to upgrade the entire space, which includes the sink, toilet, and shower, this may also include new mirrors, faucet heads and more. It is important to do your research and find the right company to work with, as some bathroom renovation companies may specialize in certain items you need, and working with the right company, ensures you a professional and timely project, done to completion. Don’t let your savings go down the drain, contact BREP today.

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