Etobicoke Bathroom Renovations


We understand your bathroom is important to you and should reflect exactly how you want it to look and feel. Whether it is that new sink you want, or a new shower addition, BRE can do it all. We take great pride in servicing the Etobicoke region and hope you will decide to support local and work with us as well. Our customers don’t always have the time to make those small changes to enhance their space.

That’s why here at BRE we want you to choose us to complete your upcoming bathroom renovation project. We understand you are busy and we want to finish the job not only in a proper and affordable fashion but a timely one as well. Here is what it is like to work with BRE.

The process is quite simple. After a short evaluation of your bathroom and discussion of potential ideas with the client, our team will put together a materials list and full quote to get you started right away. If you want that great service that has made us a local favorite when it comes to bathroom remodeling, call us today and let us show you how we can take care of everything, exactly how you want it.

Why take the risk of working with a contractor or company that will cause you added stress. At BRE we want the process not only to be stress-free but enjoyable, and this is why we are trusted in Etobicoke bathroom renovations. With a wide variety of colors and top of the line materials, BRE can absolutely help you decipher the colors and designs necessary to make your bathroom a one of a kind space.

Our BRE services for your perfect bathroom

Homeowners understand their bathroom is one of the most used facilities in the home, and will more often than not put the time in to beautify the space. Most homes have multiple bathrooms, and a simple paint job or new sink can re-flourish a main floor bathroom and have your guests and friends talking about it and wanting to do the same.

Working on the customers schedule is one of the most important points of consideration when choosing BRE for your bathroom renovation services. Many companies and contractors will tell you they can do it in a day or two, but end up taking a week. This sort of job puts the customer in a precarious position where now they have a contractor in their home for longer than anticipated and the additional stress of added costs and changes to schedule that were not anticipated.

Not only does our team of talented professionals do their best to make sure the project will be completed by the designated deadline but we also present our clientele with state of the art materials and components.

We are happy to offer a multitude of high end products that include heated flooring, mold resistant material, and more. Perhaps you are looking to upgrade the safety of your shower or tub.

Here at BRE we specialize in ensuring our clients safety and comfort. Some products that may interest you include shower grab bars, textured flooring, and state of the art safety walls for your tub or walk in shower.

Whatever your project may entail, we are ready to step up and take on the task.

Whatever your project may entail, we are ready to step up and take on the task.