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Here at BREP we understand there are many reasons to remodel or renovate your bathroom space. While most home owners may be aiming for an aesthetic approach and focus their budget around updated tiling or a brand-new paint job, there are also many other reasons to renovate and update your bathroom such as safety and efficiency. From a safety perspective, there may be important changes needed to your washroom. Special gripped flooring or handlebars in the tub and shower space can be vital, especially if the washroom is frequented by toddlers or the elderly. Here are a few ways to help improve the safety within your bathroom:

  • Elevated bidet and toilet seats
  • Proper shelving for easy to reach items
  • Floor strips for foot grip
  • Bathtub or shower seating installation
  • Handlebars (sometimes known as grab-bars)
  • Entrance doors for a walk-in jacuzzi or tub

Another key safety concern with bathrooms is mold. Mold or fungus, can grow in many places and is especially prone to growing in spaces with improper air venting or steam and typically in areas that may not be cleaned as often as you’d like. Although some mold is more dangerous than other types, it is important to make sure nothing builds up, as over time any type of mold may become a problem. You can only clean so much and there are a few solutions when it comes to mold and keeping your bathroom safe and clean. One of the main remodeling ideas you can do when it comes to this is a safe is an acrylic wall installation. Acrylic is easy to clean and more importantly can be installed over most original bathroom walls or tiles. For more information on this it is important to speak with your local trained professional.

Important bathroom renovation topics

When it comes to your Brampton bathroom remodeling or renovation there are two different avenues one can take. You can look for cheaper options such as repainting a certain wall or area or even updating your faucet or sink vanity aesthetically. Although, if you are looking for a completely different feel and ready totally upgrade the space there are a few ideas besides the usual updating of items that you can think about. Cosmetic work is nice but installing a tub or bidet can actually impact the overall value of your home and create a larger amount if you are selling or renting the space. There are many ideas to discuss with your BREP representative when it comes to this.

One idea when it comes to a larger renovation is a shower addition or conversion. If your current bathroom space only has a shower, you may want to think about adding a bathtub or small jacuzzi if the space allows. Other ideas include an additional sink or bidet, which can add value and an updated feel to your washroom space. Some other things you can do when it comes to updating, remodeling or renovating your bathroom are:

  • Acrylic shower walls
  • Jacuzzi doors for walk-in tubs and easy access
  • Any cosmetic work such as repainting or re-tiling
  • Any door, mirror, or window replacement

One of the most important factors to make sure you are on top of as a Brampton homeowner doing a semi major renovation is that the company you are working with ensures punctual delivery of items to the property or business location as well as a timeline that can be guaranteed to make sure everyone sticks to the agreed upon deadline. Always obtain all the information necessary when it comes to all the bathroom renovations Brampton professionals have to offer.

If you are a homeowner deciding to work with a company that slacks when it comes to ordering and delivering the necessary items for installation, you can be dealing with unprofessional companies that will charge you more for time, and more importantly go over the proposed deadline, causing you unwanted stress, potential additional cost and overall annoyance with your remodeling. Your renovation should be a joyful and timely project, done with the professionalism you expect and pay for.

Energy Efficient Bathroom in Brampton

When it comes to efficiency there are a few factors to think about, from a leaky faucet to a running toilet, always make sure your plumbing and vanity accessories are up to date.

You may think it is just a small drip, but a leaky faucet can add up financially over time and impact your hydro bill. By making sure your pipes are sealed tight and you have the proper sink accessory pieces installed you can save a lot more money than you think on your monthly water bill.

Remember, an improperly installed or leaky faucet can cause major water loss and create an impact on your hydro bill, and although most homeowners will check their indoor faucets, it is important to also check the outdoor faucets. A leaky faucet leading to a sprinkler or outdoor hose can go unnoticed for a longer time than you think and cause major financial disruption.

While you are outside, check your electricity metre. A broken metre can cause improper outputs and possibly affect your hydro bill. Make sure your metre is running well and in perfect order. If you have any cause to concern, it would be worth your time to contact your Brampton or Ontario energy company. A well working metre is step one to ensuring you are paying for what you use, and nothing more. Another reason your hydro bill could be more than expected is a running toilet. Although this term may seem funny, it is no laughing matter. A running toilet can cause a larger amount of water loss than you may imagine, causing you to quickly call a plumber once you have realized the issue. In order to find any running toilets in your house, listen careful for any toilets that continue to run or sound like they are flushing when no one is using them. This may indicate a running toilet and it would be a suitable idea to call your plumber right away, as the water loss may be causing your hydro bill to cost more than it should.

All our BREP renovation projects are conducted with efficiency in mind, this way you will save money in the long run.

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Bathroom Design in Brampton

There are so many different ideas when it comes to overall design and redesign of a bathroom space. From a simple change of paint color to a new toilet or tub, designing your dream space is the first step to a successful renovation project. With so many different color options to choose from, a change of paint color could be all you need when it comes to your major or minor remodeling. Or perhaps you are done with new paint and are looking for a new design, such as tiles. Tiling can be done in different shapes and sizes, and give an elegant finish to your bathroom space, depending on the color scheme and actual tiles you decide to use. As we mentioned prior, another option for your walls or shower walls is acrylic. Acrylic can be used in many ways and the only cons of using acrylic is not the usage of the material itself but where you choose to use it. When put in the correct spaces it can provide the safety you desire and need.

Always remember, the first step to a good remodeling is a strong start and that begins with your ideas and design for your washroom. Sitting down with a trained professional ensures you will understand all your options and maybe even discover a few you did not know were initially available. Based on pricing or spacing it is possible there are items you did not know you could afford or there was space you were unsure you could utilize. By speaking with a professional you will easily find out exactly how much space you have to use and which items are fit for your washroom.

A bathroom should be a comfortable space, for you and your guests or visitors. Picking the right vanity and mirror combo is also important. It all begins with taking the right measurements and picking items that not only fit your space properly but also make your washroom look updated, elegant and inviting. Another element to design could be the implementation of large stone to your washroom space. Stone or small rock installations can be a great additional to your bathroom space, ensuring the longevity of the shower or tub as well as possibly adding value to the property.

Stone can be installed as a countertop as well, and when it comes to design be it stone, acrylic or otherwise, there are so many different options to choose from and this is why you have to shop around and ask around and make sure you land on the correct company to work with when it comes to your bathroom renovation or remodeling. A great way to find a good design for your bathroom is looking online. Finding inspiration through various online websites or simple search engines can help you finalize on colour scheme, vanities, and more. Your bathroom should stand out and look great, work with the Brampton pros at BREP and make sure you take the time you need to do things right.

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