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Who we are

Our team of qualified workers have been in the industry long enough to know it takes more than one thing to get the job done right. We believe in quality, affordability and hitting your estimated deadline without any issue.

At BREP we want to show you all this is possible and even more.

You may also have more space than you think, and we can help show you how to make the most out of your bathroom and kitchen areas.

The kitchen and bathrooms are spaces in the home that are frequented more often than other rooms in the house. They should look great and always give you a great feeling.

Here at Bathroom Renovations Etobicoke Pros whether it is cupboard extensions, tiling, new sinks or stovetops, give call us today and find out why Toronto loves working with our quality driven consultation team.

As well, bathrooms in your home deserve to look good, and this is for a few reasons, but it is important to remember, not only do residents of the house occupy them, but also whenever a homeowner has guests or family over, the bathroom is always used, and it is important to make sure it is kept in a manner that positively represents your property.

Why work with us

We treat our clients with the professional respect they deserve.

When dealing with remodeling contractors always be aware of companies that subcontract their jobs to other smaller companies. At Bathroom Renovations Etobicoke Pros we take great pride in our friendly, knowledge and service driven staff.

Whatever your requests or unique needs are, we are up to the job.

Our trained professionals understand regardless of your project size, finances and timeline are always a concern. We acknowledge both and are ready to work around and on your schedule to make things happen.

As well, without compromising any quality, Bathroom Renovations Etobicoke Pros is happy to offer all clientele in Toronto and the surrounding GTA areas the most affordable and competitive rates. We are a company prided on professionalism that will do the job right, the first time.

Don’t get sucked into the world of private contracting and surging DIY costs. Call the pros today and let us show you how you can make that small or large renovation at an affordable rate and in a timely manner.

Some of the products and remodeling offers we currently provide:

  • Standalone Sinks
  • Walk in Showers
  • Heated Floors
  • Tile and Marble finishing
  • Jacuzzi
  • Vanity upgrades
  • Toilet and Bidets
  • Shower doors, and much more!

After speaking with one of our trained professionals we can show you exactly what you can do with your space, big or small, to make it beautiful and give that lasting impression and comfortable feel you want from your private or main floor bathrooms.

Give us a call and get started today.
At BREP we will make sure you get the service you expect.
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