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Bathroom Renovations Etobicoke Pros


    Bathroom Renovations Etobicoke

    Whether you are remodeling your bedroom or living room bathroom, our team understands you start and end your day there and it should be a space of refinement and comfort. Perhaps you are looking to add a new touch to your bathroom area with an additional sink or bidet, or maybe you are looking for a full remodel to give a new feel to that old space. Bathroom Renovations Etobicoke Pros can help make your remodeling plans in Etobicoke a reality, and more importantly, we can do it in a timely fashion.

    Our team understands that time is of the essence. A remodel of any kind can take days or weeks, which can cause upheaval and discomfort throughout the duration of the project. We get that you want the work done quickly and properly, and we take great pride in finishing the job for all our clients in a professional and timely manner. We understand there are many choices and it is important as a client to do the proper research before hiring a bathroom renovator company to work in and on your home. Just because you may be located further away doesn’t mean you can’t work with the best in the industry. For any large renovation jobs in the Greater Toronto Area, please feel free to contact Bathroom Renovation Etobicoke Pros.

    With different remodeling consultants, there are many different opportunities to discover in regards to bathroom renovations Etobicoke has to offer. If you are searching for a bathroom renovation and come across our company be sure to give us a call and find out how we can beat the competition and create that beautiful new sink or shower space you desire.

    Sometimes the bathroom can be disregarded and not given the look it needs to give your home the comfortable feeling you want. The bathroom is not only a place frequented by residents, but guests alike. Here at BREP we want to help make your washroom space a beautiful one that leaves a lasting impression and has all your friends talking about it.

    A tub or indoor jacuzzi should be a place of soothing relaxation and personal decompression. Unfortunately, a lot of outdated bathtubs offer more of a hazard than a relaxing time. At BREP we offer a wide variety of appliances you may not find being offered at other Etobicoke based bathroom renovation companies. We also offer safety grab bars, textured flooring, and much more to make sure your tub or Jacuzzi experience is not only enjoyable, but also 100% safe, instantly giving you peace of mind. Our talented team is happy to serve most GTA regions as well as providing bathroom renovations in Etobicoke. With different contracting companies, there are many different choices to make when it comes to bathroom renovations Etobicoke has to offer.

    Give Bathroom Renovation Etobicoke Pros a call and see why we can make your remodeling dreams, a reality. We know what it takes to separate ourselves from the rest. Our resourceful, handy and all-around versatile team is ready to take on any challenge when it comes to your bathroom improvements and renovation needs. Renovating your bathroom can have a tremendous effect on your personal life and on the financial aspect of things.

    'Our BREP Services for your perfect bathroom'

    Our Services

    Some of the services provided by Bathroom Renovations Etobicoke Pros are sink and toilet removal, tile and vanities, walk-in showers and much more. Here at BREP there is nothing we can’t do, and we look forward to achieving your vision when it comes to your home bathroom renovation. We know what it takes to separate ourselves from the rest. Our resourceful, handy and all-around versatile team is ready to take on any challenge when it comes to your bathroom improvements and remodeling needs. Renovating your bathroom can have a tremendous effect on your personal life and on the financial aspect of things. When a homeowner chooses to renovate or upgrade their bathroom, they instantly add value to their property, making their home more beautiful, functional, and a strong selling point when negotiating a property sale or lease. Aside from the great long-term financial reasoning to upgrade your bathroom, you could be doing yourself a favor without even knowing.

    There are several issues that can come up when dealing with an older bathroom space. Over time bathrooms can retain large amounts of mold, which may be harmful to your health. Perhaps you are interested in a product that would allow you to clean less around the sink and remove large amounts of buildup from the shower. Not only can we locate and remove all mold issues, but we can suggest and install mold resistant material that can keep your bathroom mold-free for years and years to come. Contact us today to find out more about our top of the line products.

    Over the decades of home renovation, different materials have become accessible which can help alleviate the stress caused by cleaning and keeping your bathroom tidy. We offer our clientele a wide array of choices when it comes to sinks, toilets, showerheads and basic materials that may be needed. Call us today to find out more about these great products and information on all of our services.

    Modern standalone bathtub in a mosaic blue and white tiled bathroom, and coloured clasical finishes and a painting

    Bathroom Renovations

    Your bathroom is an important space, and we want to take it from drab to fab. You can count on BREP for quality and affordability. Call us today and get the job done right.

    Luxurious open apartment kitchen design with island, high chairs, white tiling and a white and reflecting tree motif finish

    Kitchen Renovations

    When you sit down and think about it, your family will spend quite a bit of time in the kitchen. Why not make it the main attraction and have your friends and family talking for years.

    Washing machine and dryer in Laundry Room Renovation

    Laundry Rooms

    You spend more time in your laundry room than you think, contact us today to discuss hydro-efficient appliances that can save you money.

    Tiled grey and white bathroom with teal decorations and candles

    Acrylic Liner Systems

    Acrylic liner systems can be a top-notch installation idea for your bathroom if you are looking to keep things clean and remove potential dirt and buildup with ease.

    Plumber installing a faucet during a plumbing renovation

    Renovation Plumbing

    Leaky faucets or running toilets can be the main cause of an overly-expensive water bill every month. Contact us today to find out how to fix the issue.

    Local bathroom renovations pricing

    Our team knows local and non-local bathroom renovations pricing can fluctuate and want to make sure you, the customer, would be getting the best deal and best quality available. We know that on your continued search for the best deal around you will find many companies offering to assist you. The process of obtaining a quote is quick and simple, after visiting the location and discussing the proposed ideas for renovation, our talented will assess the space and create a plan tailored to your exact needs and specifications.

    Choosing us means you are working with a team of qualified and skilled professionals who abide by government provincial codes and building laws and will make sure everything is done properly and without delay. Get started today.

    Granite finish square sink and faucet with running water and kitchen supplies in the background
    Natural and tiny square green-grey and white tiled bathroom with a small square bathtub, large cabin shower and two windows
    Natural coloured warmly decorated bathroom with paintings, a small table, scales, plants and a standalone bathtub

    Bathroom Renovations Etobicoke Pros

    When it comes to bathroom renovations, Etobicoke has quite a bit to offer. We know what it takes to get the job done. From floor tiling to counter top remodeling, we have done it all. The important thing to remember when hiring a professional contractor is the ability to get the job done in a timely fashion. Always work with certified companies that abide by building code and government provincial laws. BREP gets the job done in a safe manner and at an affordable rate. If you are looking for quality craftsmanship and a penchant for beating deadlines, we are your bathroom renovators in Etobicoke. Make the right choice, and create that perfect space you’ve always wanted.

    Our professional consultants understand your bathroom should be functional and beautiful. With our inspiring creations and creative ideas, our clients are sure to be pleased with the results, not only of your new bathroom, but also with the timely fashion it was completed in.

    Over the years our teams have learned that not every client has the same concrete idea. Sometimes you may know exactly what you are looking to accomplish and sometimes it may take a little assistance from a professional. Certain aspects to remodeling, like knowing your exact dimensions and specifications as well as color and texture of material, are very important. Changing your plan in the middle of a renovation can cause the homeowners more stress and financial liability.

    Working with professionals like the team at BREP, we will make sure everything is set in stone and ready to go before we begin. Whether it is an official permit request or a specific type of countertop or material, Bathroom renovation Etobicoke Pros will get it done. Call us today and find out why Etobicoke loves working with the trained team at BREP. Not only do we work with bathrooms but we also take great pride in offering kitchen renovations. For all the kitchen renovations Etobicoke has to offer, speak with one of our trained consultants right away.

    Every scenario and renovation can be different, and every client has specific unique needs and requests they need to get the job done to their satisfaction. Maybe it is time to move on from that shower and tub combo and upgrade your bathroom space with a walk-in shower and separate bathtub. With BREP, the opportunities are endless. Whatever it is you may desire, we are up to the task and ready to get it done. We take great pride in offering our clients in Etobicoke, and amongst others Toronto, Brampton, Mississauga, and Oakville,  the highest quality products available when it comes to bathroom renovations.

    Whether you want the quick new paint job to give the room a new feel or a complete remodel to really create a new tone, here at BREP we offer all types of home and bathroom upgrades. Some of which include shower benches, heated floors, bidets and much more. Although beauty and having your bathroom look great are at the forefront of your decisions when it comes to renovating your bathroom, be sure to remember these days, with the water bill prices and usage of water, it is important to research water efficient solutions for your washroom space. Here at Bathroom Renovations Etobicoke Pros, we only work with the best materials and top-quality products, some of which are specifically aimed at saving you money through utility usage. For more information and that quality standard you trust, call us today.

    Custom Design

    Whatever your needs, we will sort out the perfect bathroom for you.

    High quality products

    Don’t skimp on quality, the bathroom is a place where you begin and end your day.

    Highly minimalistic white-grey finish bathroom design with separate shower and standalone bathtub, toilet and double sinks

    Working with BREP gives you the assurance and trust the job will be done right.


    With our timely approach and quick affordable quotes, anything is within reach.

    Etobicoke Bathroom Renovators

    Homeowners understand their bathroom is one of the most used facilities in the home, and will more often than not put the time in to beautify the space. Most homes have multiple bathrooms, and a simple paint job or new sink can re-flourish a main floor bathroom and have your guests and friends talking about it and wanting to do the same.

    Working on the customers schedule is one of the most important points of consideration when choosing BREP for your bathroom renovation services. Many companies and contractors will tell you they can do it in a day or two, but end up taking a week. This sort of job puts the customer in a precarious position where they now have a contractor in their home for longer than anticipated and the additional stress of added costs and changes to the schedule that were not anticipated. Not only does our team of talented professionals do their best to make sure the project will be completed by the designated deadline but we also present our clientele with state-of-the-art materials and components.

    We are happy to offer a multitude of high-end products that include heated flooring, mold resistant material, and more. Perhaps you are looking to upgrade the safety of your shower or tub. Here at BREP we specialize in ensuring our clients safety and comfort. Some products that may interest you include shower grab bars, textured flooring, and state of the art safety walls for your tub or walk in shower. Whatever your project may entail, we are ready to step up and take on the task.

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